Return Protocol

Smart Contracts

Below is a technical breakdown of our smart contracts' public callable functions.
Return's Soulbound Tokens
Deployed to: 0xa85b2F6D9f0B0759c5EbDa3e570AC5Fa7136C822
Implementation: 0x64e9aDd3A0Bf194c6bf23b9B3d6e6F89f4839663
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Return Pool Manager Contract
Deployed to: 0xcf23f7442b90A1eEe9C5906Bc0A6BBBb326945bC
Implementation: 0x7f45CA4886F007CD2E7D7dc7e33002e0Ab1dc1bF
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Return Pool Contract
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Return Pool Factory Contract
Deployed to: 0x19C9cC7BF739c3a555C850102f4aE2DbF6299Fc4
Implementation: 0x173746aCDDc063Ee3a4322CBe44A041Fa007036C
Return's Non-Fungible Tokens
Deployed to: 0x87B23347BbD474bef781C71a1be28Bc13284b6F1
Implementation: 0x7959B8c7a46641ea5D246bB11C0C908E3a797a29
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Return's Soulbound Skins
Degenscore Skin: 0x7578EB38F9808af2a883A3fD56FC65B593D84331
Early Access Skin: 0x5f89ed95D5d9578c21375B87A5b47b4a097394CD