🛤️Get Started: Explore Climate Tracks

Once you've created your account, you can start taking climate action with Return. Now, it's time to explore different ways to make an impact: passively and actively, otherwise known as your "climate tracks".

There are two tracks available for you to begin taking climate action. You can go down one or both of the tracks. Each time you complete a track, you will return to this page where you can decide to start another or simply click "Create your impact identity" where you can finalize your choices.

As you go down each climate track you will begin building your impact identity which is shown in the centre, it will evolve to reflect the climate impact you are making. More information on both tracks are below:

Track 1: Active

Your upfront payment goes directly towards a contribution to climate projects. This is the fastest way to upgrade your impact identity and provide exclusive community rewards. Dive into the Active track:

🍃pageTrack 1: Active

Track 2: Autopilot

Deposit your money for the Return Protocol to earn a safe yield on your behalf to direct automatically towards climate projects. You can withdraw the deposit at any time. Dive into the Autopilot track:

🌀pageTrack 2: Autopilot

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