Return Protocol

Track 1: Active

The Active track is to make an upfront contribution directly towards climate projects alongside different community campaigns.

Select your climate campaign

Make an upfront contribution for the planet
To complete the Active track, you can select your chosen climate campaign. This is the community or group that you will make your upfront contribution with, both in terms of the members and the climate projects they are supporting.
Keep an eye out for the limited edition or exclusive rewards that may be included in collaborating with each community campaign.

Active community campaigns

Return community campaign
Support some of the most impactful projects available on blockchain and receive the Return community skin for your impact identity.
Polygon community campaign
Contribute $10 or more alongside Polygon's emissions accounting campaign and receive a limited edition community skin for your impact identity.
Campaigns are added over time, so make sure to check back in for the latest opportunities to collaborate and build your impact identity.

Set your amount of support

Make an upfront contribution for the planet
Once you've chosen your community campaign, you can decide how much of a contribution you'd like to make for the planet. You can offset your average individual emissions for 1, 5 or 10 years or simply set your own contribution amount.
When you're happy with your Active track simply click "Complete Active Track" to proceed.
You can go back to explore the Autopilot track or complete your climate action by confirming your preferences: