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Meet Return

What is Return?

Return is a social impact platform fuelled by collaboration to empower individuals and businesses to take fun and simple climate action at scale. Make impact either passively or actively to begin building your impact identity and growing your community to receive exclusive ecosystem rewards.
Dive into those key options below:

Why does Return exist?

The Voluntary Carbon Market is estimated to grow 30x by 2030. Even if it does, this represents only 2% of the overall demand required to combat the climate crisis, based upon scientific estimations. Voluntary carbon offsetting for both individuals and businesses has not received the adoption it requires. Although recent trends such as corporate Net-Zero commitments have helped, there is still a long way to go.
After extensively gathering insights, we uncovered that this is because incentive alignment has not been found between the three most important stakeholders: consumers, businesses, and the climate projects themselves. By leveraging some of the new tools that blockchain provides, this incentive alignment can finally be realized. The dots simply need to be connected.
This is why we exist, to boldly endeavor into empowering this alignment.
To dive deeper into how we align incentives, please keep reading or visit the sections below:

Why would you use Return?

Our mission at Return is to scale sustainability through innovation. For different users, this happens in the different ways outlined below:

For Individuals

People want to do more for climate action but don't have the tools to do so. We make it simple, fun and collaborative to do so.
  • Make simple climate impact actively or passively, with something for everyone.
  • Build your impact identity, a dynamic and growing digital soulbound token that can be customized and displayed with friends.
  • Invite your friends to create your climate guild and meet new ones that share your values to grow your community.
  • Receive access to exclusive ecosystem rewards.
  • Collaborate alongside different digital communities to take climate action together.

For Businesses and Communities

The voluntary carbon markets are driven by perceived social pressure from consumers, but there is no way for businesses to involve those individuals in their commitments.
  • Fulfill net-zero commitments alongside your community. Use Return's tailored social impact platform to invite your customers to contribute with you. You could even give your customers a say in which projects to support.
We can't wait to get your thoughts on Return. To learn more, feel free to explore this Gitbook, visit our website and read our introductory blog post below:
Introducing Return
Introducing Return Blog