Return Protocol

Summary: Confirm Contributions

You're nearly ready to create your impact identity! Your climate tracks are set, now all that's left to do is confirm your contributions and checkout.

Confirm your contributions

Summary of your climate tracks
See an overview of your contributions and if required, feel free to click "Edit track" to go back to the corresponding climate track to adjust. Once you are ready, click "Pay Now" to checkout and confirm your climate action.
Your transactions are sent to your wallet provider and upon confirmation, your impact identity will appear in your wallet. Congratulations! You've now taken collaborative climace action and have joined the Return community

View Your Impact Identity

View Your Impact Identity
As proof of your climate impact, you have now received your personalized impact identity. It dynamically updates as your climate action continues, storing all of your actions transparently for your friends and the broader community to see. As your impact continues or you make further commitments, your impact identity will visually change to represent that. Impact identities are broken down into tiers, where you can compete with your friends to excel and receive recognition for doing your part. For more information on your Impact Identity, check out this section:
You can track your current climate impact, progress toward the next tier and so much more on your dashboard. Learn more here: