Return Protocol

Track 2: Autopilot

The Autopilot track is to make a deposit, which generates a safe yield which is automatically directed towards climate projects over time.

Set your deposit

Earn a yield to support climate projects
To complete the Autopilot track, you can simply set your deposit. This deposit is staked on your behalf by the Return Protocol into AAVE's USDC pool to generate a safe yield, which is then automatically directed towards climate projects. Your deposit can be withdrawn at anytime.
All contributions will flow into the Return community campaign to support some of the most impactful climate projects available on blockchain.
Once your deposit is set, see how much ongoing impact it will have and click "Complete Autopilot Track" to proceed.
Now it's time to complete your climate action by confirming your preferences:

The technical information

By entering the amount of USDC you would like to deposit, you can see the estimated equivalent real-world impact and subsequently the expected extent of your climate action. We base our estimates on the AAVE yield and price of Toucan's NCT at the time of deposit, both of which are always changing. The amount of money you set as your deposit will be directed by Return's Protocol to AAVE which you can withdraw at any time from the Return Dashboard. Initially, you can deposit USDC and upon confirming, it is sent through Return's Protocol to AAVE.
Once deposited through Return's Protocol, your capital will instantaneously be sent to a low-risk AAVE lending pool here. The yield generated from these pools is then automatically directed by the Protocol towards purchasing and retiring a selected carbon credit to complete the offset on behalf of the original user or into a community pool, where those that contribute can vote on its allocation towards climate projects.