The Return Skins are NFT's that can be layered on top of your impact identity to allow you to build and customize it's appearance. These can either represent a special event or enable you to demonstrate your alignment with a specific community.

Currently Available Skins

How To Earn Skins

Skins can be earned in many different ways such as membership in partner communities, participating in events, and even simply by utilizing the Return platform.

Some can be traded, and some are locked based on the communities you are a part of.

Once you have created your Impact Identity, simply visit the Return Dashboard to see which are currently available and how you can earn them. After earning or purchasing a specific skin, select it in your dashboard and confirm. From here, your Impact Identity will be updated on the Return platform and beyond!

We're always on the look out for awesome communities to create new Skins with! If you would like to nominate a community or talk to the partnerships team, please email support@returnprotocol.com.

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