Return Protocol

Impact Identity

Once you have taken climate action with Return, you will receive your personalized impact identity. This Soulbound Token (a non-tradable NFT) is dynamic and as such, grows over time to reflect your actions:
Impact Identity Tier 0
Impact Identity Tier 6


Your Impact Identity will evolve through 7 different tiers based on the impact you have made. The tiers and how you can hit each evolution are below:
  • Tier 0 has offset: less than 5 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 1 has offset: 5 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 2 has offset: 25 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 3 has offset: 50 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 4 has offset: 100 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 5 has offset: 250 tonnes of CO2
  • Tier 6 has offset: 500 tonnes of CO2
*The current tiers may change over time.

The Data Your Impact Identity Represents

As mentioned, your Impact Identity continually updates as your climate action continues or more is taken. These updates stem from the data that our Identity contract stores about your climate impact. Those data points that we collect include:
  • Yield Contributed
  • Deposit Amount
  • Carbon Offsets Retired - Yield
  • Carbon Offsets Retired - Direct Contribution
  • Total Carbon Offsets Retired
Now that you've created your impact identity, it's time to get building! Follow the link below to explore how: