Return Protocol
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Meet your dashboard! This section exists for you to build your impact identity by tracking your current climate action, adjusting it or taking more and by viewing the progress of the each community campaign.

Track your impact

Your Dashboard
Starting on the left of your dashboard, you can track your impact identity's progress, specifically the tier you've achieved and how much action is needed to achieve the next one. Alongside managing your skins. On the right, you can view the contributors leaderboard to see how your progress compares with the rest of the Return community.

Build your profile

Customize Your Profile
In the top right-hand corner of the screen, simply hover over your account name and select "Set Profile Image". From here, you can choose to display any of your NFT's as your profile picture on Return! This picture is reflected across the platform, including in the leaderboard's for the entire community to see.

Compete on the leaderboard

Now that you've prepared your profile, it's time to compete with your friends and the broader community to see who's made the biggest impact. More information on the leaderboard can be found below:
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